John McBride - He dedicated his life to his family, which included his Gatemen family.

October 26, 2017

 The Gatemen Organization lost a valued member this week.  John E. McBride, Jr. has been a member of the Gatemen family since the early 80s when John Wylde took over the team. He served many roles over his years with the Gatemen including driving the Gatemen bus for over 20 years.  Mr. McBride was an enthusiastic fan and always supported the team no matter their record. He will truly be missed by his Gatemen family.


The Gatemen family sends it deepest condolences to the McBride family.


Please see the link below regarding the arrangements celebrating his life and memory.


January of 2017, Al Blanchard (Gatemen Organization member) wrote a short piece spotlighting Mr. McBride.  That piece is below:


John McBride: Volunteer Emeritus


Long time Gatemen volunteer John McBride is one of the reasons that Cape League baseball has flourished in Wareham for lo these many years. His road to the Gatemen might surprise you. John was an official with the Teamsters Union for much of his professional career. He was also a big fan of Jim Morrison and the Doors. One day, in the course of his Teamsters work, he had to get some papers signed, and so went to the office of John Wylde in Boston. They chatted, and the two Johns learned that they BOTH liked the Doors. John McBride had helped smooth the way for a Doors concert in Boston and John Wylde appreciated it. The two became, if not friends, at least good acquaintances. Later, when Mr. Wylde took over the Gatemen, and Mr. McBride moved to Wareham, the two connected again.


John McBride drove the team bus for over 20 years, at no cost to the team. From there he became a member of the Board of Directors, represented the Gatemen at many league functions over the years, served as greeter, 50/50 Chairman and Chairman of the Meals Committee. He's done everything from rake the infield. selling merchandise and whatever else needed doing in between.


Today John has stepped back from active participation on a day to day basis, but he can still be seen sitting along the fence next to the press box at home games, cheering enthusiastically for

"his" boys. He remains a good friend and faithful fan of the Gatemen.




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