Wareham Gatemen Visit Keystone Place for Morning of Games

June 19, 2018

The Wareham Gatemen returned to Keystone Place at Buzzards Bay this morning, June 19, for another one of its community service events.


The last time the Gatemen visited Keystone, the players and residents sat down to chat about one another’s lives, such as where they were from, what school they attended and what they were hoping to do next.


This go around, the Gatemen players and Keystone residents competed in friendly matches of billiards and Wii bowling. The players introduced themselves to the residents and then the games were underway.

Wareham Gatemen players and Keystone Place residents cheer one another on as they compete in friendly matches of Wii bowling.


Players and residents got into groups of four to play a game of Wii bowling. While the groups of four were playing the game, residents and players had the chance to talk with one another about the season is going thus far.


While some of the players and residents were in the virtual world, a few players and residents decided to take in a few games of billiards.


The results of each game, both Wii bowling and billiards, were relatively mixed. The residents are hoping to have the players back for a Wii bowling tournament at some point in the future.


The Gatemen players in attendance for this service event were Andrew Vaughn, Bryant Packard, Bryson Stott, Michael Amditis, Andrew Millas, Zach Hart, Jared Horn, Tyler Keysor, Easton Lucas, and Connor Lunn.


The Gatemen will be back at Keystone Place July 2 to visit and engage with the residents in more activities. The next community service event is tomorrow, June 20, at Rochester Memorial as the Gatemen continue its reading program.


As for Gatemen baseball action, the Gatemen are set to play the Chatham Anglers at home tonight, June 19, at 6:30pm on Spillane Field.



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