Wareham Gatemen Organization Recognizes Host Families

July 21, 2018

On Friday, July 13, the Wareham Gatemen organization held a host family night at the ballpark to recognize the host families of the Gatemen players.


The host families in attendance for the game that evening had the chance to be recognized on the field individually and then stand with their Gatemen players during the singing of the national anthem.

Friday, July 13, the Wareham Gatemen brought host families out onto the field to be recognized before a home game against the Cotuit Kettleers.


Many of the host families see hosting Gatemen players as a great opportunity for various reasons.


“Our kids love it and we’ve had four different players stay with us now and they’ve all been wonderful, great kids and we get to watch some fantastic baseball too,” Andrea Piccarelli-Alpert, a host parent of Brendan White and Tyler Keysor, said.


Piccarelli-Alpert has been a host to Gatemen players for the past two years.


“I like that there’s activity in our house, it gets us out during the summer to come cheer our players on. Our boys play baseball, so they love to have the players around.”


Cheryl Flaherty has also been a host to Gatemen players for the past two years. Flaherty hosted Cade Cavalli this season.

Flaherty mentioned that she likes how they are able to build lasting relationships with the players even after they have left.


“All of the players I’ve hosted have been an excellent addition to our family,” Flaherty said. “Last year, we actually attended our player’s wedding in January. So, you get to build lasting relationships and that’s really, really cool.”


Flaherty also noted that she loves the “interaction with our player and having someone new in the house and getting to watch them grow and hopefully fulfill their dream.”


As for Donna Resmini, this is her first year hosting for the Gatemen. Resmini has been attending Gatemen games for years and her children even attended the Gatemen youth clinics years ago.


Furthermore, the Resmini’s will be welcoming a former Gatemen into the family. Their future son-in-law once played for the Wareham Gatemen.


As for what Donna Resmini enjoys most about being a host family for the Gatemen she said the personalization of it all makes going to the games even more enjoyable.


“I enjoy having someone else in the house and I enjoy the fact that becomes more personalized for me coming to games,” Resmini said. “I have a sort of interest in who is here because I know them now.”


Resmini also mentioned she recommends being a host family and “everyone that we’ve met has been so nice and the kids love being here and it’s been a pleasure having them.”


If you have any interest in being a host family for the Wareham Gatemen, we strongly encourage you to visit our website at www.gatemen.org/host-families. Here you will find FAQs about being a host family and the application.

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