Isaac Collins home run robbery ends up #1 on SportsCenter Top 10 plays

August 14, 2018

CHATHAM – Number one. It’s where the Gatemen ended the 2018 Cape Cod Baseball League season and it’s where Isaac Collins found himself on the SportsCenter Top 10 plays Tuesday morning.


In Game 2 of the CCBL Championship Series, Gatemen right fielder Isaac Collins made the catch of the season to take away a home run from Tristin English in the third inning to preserve a 2-1 Wareham lead over the Chatham Anglers.


“Off the bat I knew I was going to catch this ball. But then the wind was blowing to right and it kept carrying and kept carrying I was like ‘oh I might have to get up against the wall here’ and I took a peak once I got to the warning track,” Isaac Collins said.


“From there, it’s just instincts. Time my jump well and let my athleticism take over.”


Isaac Collins reaches over the wall to rob a go-ahead homer in the third inning. Photo by Ron Schloerb/Cape Cod Times.


The catch from Collins ended the third inning and took two runs off the board as Chatham had a runner on third base.


Upon making the catch, Collins flipped the ball out of his glove and snatched it with his bare hand before running towards the dugout.


Before he could even reach the dugout, Collins was greeted by his teammates who began to mob him and celebrate the spectacular play.


“That was awesome. That is something I will remember for the rest of my life. That is one of the coolest plays I have very made,” Collins said postgame. “With all the fans here, the situation, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.”


The heroics for Collins landed as the number one play on SportsCenter’s prestigious Top 10 countdown after Wareham’s 9-3 win for to take home the CCBL title.

The play also got Wareham’s play-by-play broadcaster, Henrique DaMour, notoriety as well. DaMour’s call ended up on the SportsCenter Snapchat account.


SportsCenter’s Snapchat, as they normally do, posted the top five plays from yesterday to their story.


When they post clips of the top five plays, no SportsCenter host talks over the highlight. Instead, the original broadcast call was used for all five highlights which put DaMour’s call on the map.


The camera work on the catch was done by Jesse Ruiz of Wareham Community Television (WCTV). If you have ever watched a Gatemen game, you are already familiar with Ruiz’s work whether you realize it or not.


Ruiz is an intern at WCTV whose role is the Gatemen Supervisor. This means he oversees the video production for all Wareham Gatemen home games broadcasted on WCTV.


In addition, the Wareham Gatemen use the video feed from directly from WCTV for their own live game broadcasts on YouTube. Essentially, Ruiz is the man behind the video component of the Gatemen broadcast.


You can see his work and hear DaMour's call below on SportsCenter's social media.

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